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Anniversary Interruptis

enhance-10 Hiya Everybody! I've been on a little unplanned hiatus....although it was the kind of adventure you don't want to have.

September marked the first complete year of the Dakota Pharmgirl blog and I had big plans for an anniversary article! Now here we are about a week before Halloween. That was not the plan!

Here's what was supposed to happen and how it got derailed.

enhance-14My first post, if you remember, was about my grandmother's recipe for Kekle, sort of a fastnacht donut type dessert.  While I was making it last year for the blog, my husband's cousin was visiting from Germany and told me her grandmother made something similar as well.  At the time, we agreed to share recipes. So while vacationing/visiting family in Germany this August, she graciously gave me the recipe.  I thought this was a perfect way to acknowledge the 1 year anniversary of my blog by making her recipe and comparing it to my grandmother's!

enhance-12Made the dough, cut out the shapes and fried them up. They turned out great!  I discovered her recipe was closer to the Polish variety of Chrusciki's (angel wings)...lighter and crispier whereas my grandmother's recipe are closer to a cake donut - same shape but different texture.  All was well.  1st half of anniversary plans complete.enhance-11

So I was ready to make a batch of my family's recipe in order to do a 'taste and compare'.  Just needed to change out the pan of hot oil......asked my daughter to open the patio door so I could go dump the dirty oil outside and make a fresh pan of oil for frying.

For whatever reason, the screen door was closed (which it never is).

She didn't see it and I didn't see it and I walked right into it with a hot pot of oil!

Yes, ouch.  Major ouch.  Hands, wrist, belly, and a few toes burned ouch.

The type that requires an ambulance, a fire truck, and 10 men to be in your house figuring out how to get you to the hospital ouch.

Did I mention it was my husband's birthday that day??
And my birthday the day after?? Yes, I have nice timing like that.

ambulance5Once in the ambulance, the pharmacist in me was fascinated at how AWESOME Fentanyl works and from that point on, my pain was under control. So really, it was all good from that point on. After leaving the ER, I hung out at home Netflixing for several days on really nice pain meds and by the end of the week I was just an awkwardly bandaged mummy but everything was okay.  Got out of cooking for awhile too which was nice =)

Anyhoo, I'm 99% healed now, the scars are fading quickly and my aversion to the kitchen is slowly waning.  Ready to get back in there!

So this sad story now becomes my anniversary blog story - one to remember for sure!  Sometimes the best laid plans definitely do go awry.

So with that, I will just leave you with an important reminder for this time of year. Now is the time to sign up for a Fall CSA....many have deadlines soon approaching.

enhance-9I just signed up again for the Fall CSA from Lancaster Farms which we enjoyed last year so I'm repeating.  I've added on a cheese CSA this time - 3 different cheeses every other week.  Looking forward to the first box!  (delivers to my workplace so also very convenient)

See my earlier blog on CSA's to find out how to find one in your area.  If you can't find one, there are a few farmer's markets out there that will likely run for a few more weeks.....just visited the Ambler Farmer's Market the other week and got some great watermelon radishes and fresh lettuce.

So thanks for entertaining this tardy anniversary episode!  I've loved learning the ropes of blogging this past year and really appreciate all of you who have perused my posts along the way.

Here's to another year.....Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Anniversary Interruptis

  1. Judy Magner

    Aha, now I know what happened! Next time save a can and put it in there rather than walking it outside with it while it is hot.


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