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About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!

I grew up on a farm 7 miles outside a tiny town in North Dakota (LaMoure, population <1,000) and now live in the outer burbs of Philadelphia. My husband and I moved here for our first jobs after college on the West Coast thinking it was a short term experiment.  That was ~20 years ago!

Being a Dakota girl, I'm still nice to strangers and sometimes even take the time to chat them up in the grocery store (apparently annoying to the natives here).  I don't think I've changed much - I still 'carry the prairie' with me in my daily life.

I like to garden and watch green things grow, take care of my chickens, experiment with new recipes, and teach our 4 kids that 'get er done' attitude you learn growing up on a farm. I may get a little heated about calling pizza a vegetable for kid's school lunches and love to explore 'farm to table' topics.

I'll be posting every couple of weeks or are a few things I'll be writing about:

How to eat like I still live on a farm:  I never appreciated it growing up but we ate like kings on our farm: the steak, burgers, and country sausage, the corn on the cob, fresh-out-of-the-dirt potatoes, all kinds of green veggies, and milk with probably close to 5% (!) cream from the Johnson dairy farm down the road.  While I live within a quarter mile of a Whole Foods now, it's not the same as growing your own and the delight in eating from your own backyard.  I hope to share information on gardening, finding local farm fare, and recipes to get your family eating more of the good stuff.

Recipes of my heritage: My people (on my father's side) were Germans from somewhere near Stuttgart that migrated to Odessa, Russia for a short while and then came to the Dakotas to farm.

My grandmother made many wonderful foods, and I'm still trying to master many of her recipes (most of which used a rough system of measurements involving a tin can).  Add to that my mother's incredible bread-making skills, there's much to learn. Extra bonus my husband is from Germany (AND worked in a bakery) - he makes great desserts himself and is a good resource for my 'dough questions'.  It's fun to compare notes on what's cooking across the pond and understand the history of where things came from.

Nutrition and health:  By day, I'm a pharmacist working for a big drug company. Working with scientific experts, I write the content of that tiny print, twenty-times-folded accordion of paper that's attached to your medicine called the prescribing information. Reams of data summarized into key know, 'the most common adverse reactions (>5%) in clinical trials of 'bestdrugever' are nausea, dizziness, constipation, irritability, and muscle aches....' (which actually just sounds like pregnancy now that I think about it).  Anyway, I love following amazing advances in nutrition, health, and science (3D pills? what what?), and I'm good at taking a lot of information and distilling it down into digestible bites.

Let's be curious together....


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